About Us

A family business formed in 1998, our activity concerns supply of cut size paper to City of London print rooms specifically financial institutions, the law sector and other significant document producers. Recognising our customers need for other services, we also provide confidential waste collection and destruction as well as offering a business storage facility.

Our Focus:

Despite the digital revolution, paper is still a key component in every office – the uneventful resource that everyone relies on yet few people notice. Paper failure of any kind causes significant problems and this issue is at the heart of our product and service offering.

Our client base expects the highest levels of service; we can arrange a convenient delivery time, distribute paper to multiple points across your office or find the right product to suit your needs. Customers can be assured of a tailored service experience that satisfies the demands of their business. Cultivating and maintaining relationships with clients is our priority.

During the last two decades, Broadgate Paper has only offered branded products with the most comprehensive environmental accreditation. This ensures that we provide great paper, from a sustainable and environmentally favourable source, giving our customers one less thing to worry about.

Broadgate Paper and the Aims Group

Aims group logo

Broadgate Paper is proud to be a member of the Aims group of independent paper merchants. This association has allowed us to become part of a purchasing entity that has a collective turnover in excess of £100 million.
The Aims Group currently purchases from some of the biggest and most prestigious paper merchants in Europe.

Our daily deliveries into the City of London guarantees prompt response times

Challenges & the future

The challenges ahead are clear; we must maintain service levels and focus on the increasing awareness of the user’s concern with the environment, an area that is and will continue to be of great significance to all businesses. Whether they choose virgin fibre or recycled, our customers can be assured that our products carry the most up to date environmental standards, which stand up to scrutiny.

Whatever the next period brings, Broadgate Paper will be ready to meet the challenges, relying on its experience, its understanding of the market and significant belief in its customer driven ethos.